SchwabSafe Mobile


 SchwabSafe® Mobile is a collection of security measures designed to keep your personal and financial information safe online. We do not store your private information on your mobile device.

How to help protect yourself:

  1. Update your device operating system.
  2. Use the tools within your device available that block pop-ups, downloads from non-trusted sites or other fraud protection tools. See your device manual for more information on security tools.
  3. Set up a passcode or PIN and auto-lock on your mobile device.
  4. Do not store passwords on your mobile device.
  5. Only use networks you trust.
  6. Log out of the Schwab Mobile App after every session.
  7. Clear your cache, cookies, and history regularly.

How Schwab helps protect you:

  1. We use advanced encryption technology, this allows you to communicate safely with Schwab.
  2. We use multiple layers and factors beyond login ID and password before allowing access to your account. If we suspect unauthorized account activity, we will ask for additional authentication before permitting access to your account.
  3. Schwab provides an optional security token to make login more secure. The token provides a six-digit number that serves as an additional password each time you log in. Order a free token by calling Schwab at 800-435-4000.
  4. Scanning for suspicious behavior. We use pattern analysis and other advanced monitoring systems to detect suspicious account activity and deter unauthorized access.  

Call Schwab:
Call 800-435-4000. Abroad, call 602-355-7300. For more details on how to protect yourself, how Schwab helps protect you, or how to report suspicious activity, please visit our website, For information on Privacy, please visit our website,